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CROSS-RC GC4 4x4 1/10 RC Rock Crawler Truck Tractor Kit

  • $ 57500

GC4 drive axle before and after using the latest release of the RAPTOR CROSS-RC G4 - all metal axle, based on the characteristics of the truck is made of the steel plate spring whole bridge type independent suspension systems, axle using metal casting bridge shell, built-in powder metallurgy process of hard drive gear and axle shaft, running smooth, cooperate with the upgrade of the metal shaft, climbing mountain and load capacity greatly enhanced. GC4 collocation is cooperate CROSSRC 45 t high torsion brush motor, 14 t two-speed gearbox, metal casting shell, with precision gear and shifting mechanism, first gear reduction ratio 1:69, the second leg reduction ratio 1:3. 34 (use 14 t motor vehicle total reduction ratio of the first leg 1:57. 3, the second leg luxuriously. 9) through the shift steering gear control gear, gear at low speed and high speed in the driving gear can be free transform,  climbing to simulation.

GC4 simulation engine is cleverly converted into toolkit that can be placed remote control receiver, electrical, electronic accessories, such as the lighting controller, the vehicle assembly after the completion of the concise and relaxed. Cab flip forward like car, convenient for maintenance. By taking advantage of carriage tool box made of sound box, the standard 1.5 inch speakers, can cooperate TS2 CROSS-RC simulation engine sound system, simulation in the process of driving the truck start-stop, accelerate the engine sound effects, such as more playability.

  GC4 standard with the linkage of the consistent with the real vehicle lighting systems, including lighting controller, two headlamps, a group of forward light, a group of a total of 6 turn signal lamp, three roof lamp, cab reading lamp, a set of lights, a set of brake lights, according to the remote control signal, according to the actual driving conditions make corresponding light signal.


Radio Gear with receiver and servo, 4-channels recommended
Electronic Speed Controller
Battery: 6-cell flat with standard Tamiya connector or equivalent
Charger: suitable for above battery
Tools and paints to complete r/c model

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