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Hobbywing QuicRun 8BL150 150A Waterproof Brushless ESC For 1/8 RC Car Buggy

  • $ 8600

Water-proof and dust-proof for all weather races.

Please make sure to uninstall the cooling fan before using this ESC in water.
Clean and dry soon after use to avoid rusting the connectors.

Model / SKU
QUICRUN-WP-8BL150 /  30105151001
Cont./Peak Current/ Resistance
Motor Type Supported Sensorless Brushless Motor (works best with QUICRUN Brushless Motor)
Applicable Car 1:8 Buggy/Monster
Motor Limit For 4S LiPo or 12 cell NiMH:
4274-size or smaller motor with the KV<3000 For 6S LiPo or 18 cell NiMH:
4274-size or smaller motor with the KV<2400
9-18 Cell NiMH
3-6S LiPo
BEC Output 6V/3A (Switch Mode)
Size/ Weight 59.5(L)*48(W)*42(H) / 178g
External Program Port Available
Working voltage of Fan From BEC (6V)

Parameter List of QUICRUN 08 (WP-8BL150)

*letters in blue indicate the factory default settings

Programmable Items Option 
1 Option 
2 Option 
3 Option 
4 Option 
5 Option 
6 Option 7 Option 8 Option 9
1. Running Mode 
Note 1 Fwd/Br Fwd/Rev/Br Fwd/Rev            
2. Drag Brake Force 0% 5% 10% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%  
3. Low Voltage Cutoff Disable 2.6V
/Cell 2.8V
/Cell 3.0V
/Cell 3.2V
/Cell 3.4V
4. Start Mode (Punch) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9
5. Max. Brake Force 25% 50% 75% 100% Disable        
6. Max. Reverse Force 25% 50% 75% 100%          
7. Initial Brake Force =Drag brake force 0% 20% 40%          
8. Throttle Range 6%
(Narrow) 9%
(Normal) 12%
9. Timing 0 
deg 3.75 
deg 7.5 
deg 11.25
deg 15.0 
deg 18.75 deg 22.5 deg 26.25 deg  
10. Overheat Protection Enable Disable              
11. Motor Rotation CCW CW              
12.Cell Count Auto-identification 2S LiPo 3S LiPo 4S LiPo 5S LiPo 6S LiPo      

Note 1: Fwd=Forward, Rev=Reverse, Brk=Brake

External programming port is easy to connect to the LED Program Card (purchase separately) when setting the ESC.
Proportional brake with 4 steps of maximum brake force adjustment and 8 steps of drag brake force adjustment. 
9 steps of acceleration (/punch) adjustment from “soft” to “Very aggressive” to fit different kinds of chassis, tires and tracks.
Multiple protections: Low voltage cut-off protection / Over-heating protection / Throttle signal loss protection / Motor lock-up protection. 
One-button (the “SET” button on the ESC) sets the ESC. Reset all parameters to the factory default settings easily.
Compatible with the optional devices---- the portable Digital LED Program Card, especially convenient for outdoor use.

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