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Hobbywing Xerun 120A SD V2.1 Brushless ESC Speed Control for 1/10 1/12 Scale RC

  • $ 7450


Output: Continuous current 120A, burst current 760A.
Input: 4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 2-3 cells LiPo.   Note1
BEC Output: 5.75V@3A linear mode built-in BEC.
Resistance: 0.0003 Ohm.
Motor Supported: Sensored brushless / Sensorless Brushless.
Suitable Brushless Motor:  
       With 2 cells Lipo or 4-6 cells NiMH, 1/10 on-road: >=3.5T, 1/10 off-road:  >=5.5T 
       With 3 cells Lipo or 7-9 cells NiMH, 1/10 on-road: >=5.5T, 1/10 off-road:  >=8.5T    
Suitable Car:  
       1/10, 1/12 on-road or off-road cars / trucks for competition races.
       1/10, 1/8 rock crawler.
Size: 43mm(L) * 36mm(W) * 33mm(H).
Weight: 105g


For 4-6 cells NiMH or 2 cells Lipo: You don't have to change the cooling fan that comes with the ESC.

For 7-9 cells NiMH or 3 cells Lipo: You must change the standard cooling fan. It cannot work with such a high voltage. Please choose a high voltage fan or supply the fan from the receiver (+6V).

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